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Privacy.com allows you to create virtual credit cards

Privacy.com allows you to create virtual credit cards that can be used to make purchases online. This is a great way to protect your credit card information from being stolen.


Privacy gives you control over who can charge you and how much. Create virtual payment cards for one-time purchases or subscriptions, directly from your browser. Set spend limits, pause, unpause, and close cards any time you want.

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Protect Yourself Online

Shield your card details and your money by creating virtual payment cards, instead of using your regular debit or credit card, for each place you shop online.

Convenient and Easy to Use

Save time at checkout with our browser extension. Create and auto-fill secure card numbers at checkout with a one-click experience.

Create Merchant Locked Cards

Privacy Cards lock to the first merchant they are used at. If the merchant is ever compromised, your card number can never be used anywhere else, giving you an extra layer of protection.

Locked to merchant

Monitor Your Spend

Create a Spend Limit on each card to block hidden fees and double charges on recurring expenses. If a transaction goes over the limit, it will automatically decline.

How It Works

Take back control of your payments in a few simple steps.

  • Create a virtual card directly from your Privacy dashboard or browser extension in one click.

  • Set a spend limit on each transaction. Great for recurring payments or one-time purchases where cards need to be closed immediately after use.

  • Organize your virtual cards in one easy-to-use wallet. Tag each card for quick sorting and selection.

  • Track your spend in the Account Summary dashboard.