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Parallax Scrolling with Astro

This is a tutorial on how to add parallax scrolling to your Astro website.

Parallax Scrolling Effect with Astro

Astro makes it easy, as we can add all the Div’s and the script into one .astro component, then call it in the index.astro without worrying about HTML components.

I’ve found it easiest to use Vanilla JS with Astro. Other JavaScript Frameworks, such as officially supporting Astro Integrations, will also work but add a level of complexity that is not required.

The expected results of this implementation should look similar to the astronaut that scrolls alongside the Home Page when a desktop.


First Found on Amelite, then reverse engineered and personalized for my implementation.

Create Parallax Component

If you are not using @astrojs/image, you can use the IMG tag and modify your code appropriately or add it by navigating to your project directory in the Command Line and using Requirements

npm i @astrojs/images



import  Picture  from  '@astrojs/image';


<div  class="scroll"  data-speed="3.9">
	<Picture  src={import('~/assets/images/flyguy.webp')}  widths={[100]}  			 aspectRatio={0.47}  class="flyGuy"  alt="flyguy"  />

<script  type="module">

function  enableParallax() {

	const  isMac =

	navigator.userAgentData?.platform.toLowerCase().includes('mac') ||


	const  isChrome = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().includes('chrome');


// Laggy behavior on chrome and mac with parallax scrolling

	if (isMac && isChrome) return;


	const  targets = document.querySelectorAll('.scroll');

	window.addEventListener('scroll', () => {
		const  offset = window.scrollY / 10;

		targets.forEach((target) => {

		target.style.transform = `translateY(${offset * target.dataset.speed}px)`;




Add CSS Styling


.scroll {

position: fixed;

left: 0;

z-index: 1;


.flyGuy {

transform: rotate(81deg);

top: 0.5rem;

z-index: 1;


Use Parallax Component

Import and call your component on your index or other pages index.astro

import  Parallax from "locationof/parallax.astro"

<Parallax  />